The domain

Our history

"An idea, a project, an opportunity, a reality..."
Team picture

Initially, it was a long-standing friendship between Sylvie, Nicolas and François.
Our project was of course to make wine, but above all to make terroir wines, wines that have a personality, wines that express themselves, wines that speak to you.
We would like that with each glass, our wines bring you the same pleasure as that which we had to elaborate them.
We would like that through each sip, you find the atmosphere of our vines, the scent of ripe fruit, the Mediterranean sun , the song of the cicadas, the gentle wind that carries you.
After visiting more than twenty wineries between 2016 and 2018, we arrived in Babeau-Bouldoux where a vineyard was up for sale. Everything coincided with what we were looking for: first of all an appellation that corresponded to our tastes, a terroir made up of hillsides of shale and clay, a human size: twelve hectares in one piece surrounded by scrubland.
We have renamed the domain "Domaine de l'Orchis Pourpre" in reference to this very pretty wild orchid that we find on site and which flowers in May.
We gave our wines dance names, according to the feelings we had while tasting them:

Choreography of our wines

Opera : classical white, soprano, lyric
Twist : swaying rosé
Salsa : warm fruity red
Tango : Stunning Red
Charleston : Wild Red

The vines and the terroir

Terroir Domaine de l'Orchis Pourpre
Our AOP Saint Chinian vineyard extends over 12 hectares in one piece. It is surrounded by scrubland and unspoiled nature. The plant cover maintained as long as possible provides abundant biodiversity throughout the year.
Our vines, exclusively made up of Mediterranean grape varieties, planted on schist slopes and sandy silts swept by the tramontana, benefit from all the favors of the southern climate.
Shale is a very old sedimentary rock, brown, red, with a flaky appearance that allows the roots of the vine to infiltrate its cracks and draw nutrients up to seven or eight meters deep, there where water naturally circulates.

Our vines are managed in sustainable agriculture, and we are starting an "organic conversion" from 2021.

The cellar, the vinification

Cellar, Domaine de l'Orchis Pourpre
The harvest of the whites, rosés and part of the reds is carried out manually, at dawn, in order to benefit from the freshness.
The cellar is equipped with thermo-regulated vats and wine cellars and fermentations are monitored daily.
We use French oak barrels for our prestige cuvée.
Bottling is done on site and the use of sulphites is limited.